Closed for Thanksgiving Day

Happy Thanksgiving weekend!

In honour of the day of gratitude, Community Services Thrift Store will be closed on Monday, October 9, 2017.

We will reopen at 9 am on Tuesday, October 10, 2017.

Have a great long weekend and a very happy Thanksgiving — from the staff and volunteers of Community Services Thrift Store.


Forget to Pack Something? Visit a Thrift Store

Forget to Pack Something - Visit Local Thrift Store - Gibsons BCHow often have you left home for an exciting vacation only to discover a key item was not packed. Perhaps it was the beach towels. Or maybe a jacket for the cool nights.

You are in good company.

We all do it. We make lists of what to pack and double check that we have everything we may need. However, without fail, there is usually something that gets left behind or forgotten.

Forgotten items can be purchased for less at local thrift stores. Thrift stores contain items popular and of use within the community you are visiting. Thrift stores at beach towns usually have blankets, towels and sunglasses. Visiting a town in the mountains or near a ski resort, these locations will specialize in water bottles for hiking or ski parkas.

Hats - Forgotten Items - Thrift Stores Vacationn - Gibsons BCIn addition to the items you need, there are sure to be gems you won’t find at the thrift stores in your hometown. You can shop for unique souveniers and keepsakes to keep your vacation memories alive for years to come!

Save money and invest in the area you are visiting by shopping at a local thrift store.

Looking for something? Come see what Community Services Thrift Store has in store for you!

Happy summer vacation!



Stationery at Community Services Thrift Store

Find Unique Stationery at Thrift Stores

Cards, letters, stationery at Community Services Thrift StoreA simple card or handwritten letter goes a long way in our technology society.

Handwritten correspondence has a way of breaking through the noise and beeps of our handheld technology. Taking the time to scribe a personal note of thanks or spread get well wishes means warms the heart of the recipient.

And thrift stores are a great place to find unique stationery paper and cards

From thank you cards to thick sheets of paper decorated with flowers, thrift stores frequently feature unique stationery to help you express your thoughts at low cost.

20170424_143114In addition, Community Services Thrift Store typically carries journals, notepads, and notebooks for writing your personal thoughts.

Open up the lines of communication with stationery from Community Services Thrift Store!

Happy writing!