Sunshine Coast Community Services in Canada Day Parade July 1

Parade Fun with Community Services

“Two, four, six, eight. Who do we appreciate? Community Services!” It was a chant that could be heard following the end of the Downtown Sechelt Canada Day parade on Saturday, July 1.

Sunshine Coast Community Services Society and its various divisions banded together to march in the festive holiday parade. Wearing red shirts with white lettering and straw hats, staff and volunteers marched with signs highlighting the various programs offered via the society.

It wa a beautiful day of national pride and community awareness.

Special thank you to the volunteers who helped decorate the vehicle and create the lovely signs.

Here are just a few snapshots from the Canada Day celebration!

Make a Difference in Your Community

Make a Difference in Our Community

Perhaps it was a pair of platform saddles shoes that were just your size. Or it may have been the unique swan teapot you couldn’t live without.  Or it could have been a boat neck shirt that fits just right.

Regardless of your purchase, big or small, we thank you. Swan Teapot - Community Services Thrift Store - Make a Difference

Every purchase at the Community Services Thrift Store makes a difference in our community.  Because of customers like you, we are able to help people all along our Sunshine Coast.

For every $50 spent in our thrift store on North Road:

  • an isolated senior receives a friendly visit
  • an at-risk youth gets the guidance and information they need
  • a family of four can have a nutritious meal
  • a woman can access a supportive counseling session

Thank you for your continuing support.

To learn more about Sunshine Coast Community Services Society and their programs, please visit