Sweaters Add a Level of Comfort for Less

Second Hand Sweaters Thrift Stores - Gibsons BC“Baby, it’s cold outside!”

Cozy sweaters, classic cardigans and fuzzy pullovers help to keep you warm and stylish when the temperatures dip.

Community Services Thrift Store carries comfy sweaters in several different colours and styles. From prints to ones with rhinestones to graphic prints, we have a sweater to compliment your personal style.

Before you hit the store to find the perfect secondhand sweater, there are a few things to look for:

  1. Look for snags. Often sweaters may have a snag or weak point where the knitted fabric was caught on something.
  2. Look for wear. The most common “wear points” are on the elbows, along the back of the neck and at the bottom of the sleeves.
  3. Look for stretching. People pull on and push up the sleeves of their sweaters to adjust for heat. This can lead to stretching of the bottom of the sleeves.

SweatersOne last tip is to smell check the garment. Sweaters are made of fibers that pick up environmental smells. Since it is worn on top of one’s usual clothes, sometimes it is not washed as often and retains odors from the home (like pets or smoke).

Happy thrift store shopping and stay warm this fall season!


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