Book Bargains at Your Fav Thrift Store

20170327_141017Whether you are looking for a beach read or a new cookbook, one of the best places to hunt for a new book is at your local thrift store.

Community Services Thrift Store is lucky to be located on the Sunshine Coast, where people are prolific readers and writers. Which means we have quick turnover on our donated stock.

We get donated books for all genres such as romance, history, teens, mystery, sci-fi and personal development. We have books from well known authors such as Nora Roberts, Tom Clancy and Stephanie Meyers. We also occasionally carry that rare-hard-to-find classic or first edition.

TomClancyPurchasing a paperback or hard cover from a thrift store is more than just a money-saver.  It helps to give new life to once read treasures. It keeps books in circulation within our community. It keeps us reading.

Community Services Thrift Store sells paperbacks $1 each or 3 for $2. Our hardcovers are $2 each or 3 for $5.

Come see what we have in store for you!

WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! What fantastic book did you find at a thrift store or flea market? Tell us about your experience with book hunting!

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