New Love for Old VHS Tapes

It’s probably been a couple of decades since you invested in a VHS tape. Your VHS player is long gone. Rental chains have closed down and viewing habits have shifted from long movie formats to binge watching on Netflix.

But those old VHS tapes are still a big ticket for thrift stores. In fact, the daily changing inventory of VHS movies is one the popular items at Community Services Thrift Store — where they are sold for 25 cents each.

New Love for Old VHS Tapes - Thrift StoresPerhaps it is nostalgia for the outdated format that keeps the tapes in demand. One 2015 article claims “tapes are the new vinyl.” That the old VHS tapes are old enough to inspire nostaglia like “many once unloved and discarded original LPs and singles” are now a collector’s item.

Another theory is that VHS tapes offer the perfect entertainment option for summer homes and suite rentals on the Coast.

From Disney to action to workout, Community Services Thrift Store has several VHS tapes to choose from. Come see what we have in store for you!



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